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Help: Force full card text?

This forces the full text for all spells. There are some spells that have rule text too long to comfortably fit on the spells cards. If you enable this option some spell cards may print too large since the text will overflow. The truncated text is mostly accomplished by removing extraneous qualifiers for using the spell or shortining words (ex. Miraculous Cure cannot resurrect the dead if cast from a scroll. This detail is excluded in the truncated text).

Affected Spells

  • Illusionist: Illusionary Soldier
  • Sigilist: Bridge
  • Sigilist: Explosive Rune
  • Soothsayer: Mind Control
  • Summoner: Plane Walk
  • Summoner: Summon Demon
  • Thaumaturge: Miraculous Cure
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Select expansions you own to enable them across the application. Generally this means adding new spells but in some cases there is additional configuration options for the Wizard Sheet. For instance, Blood Legacy adds the ability to make your wizard a vampire.